Don’t Let Your Anger Win

anger couple yellingEveryone has a temper.  Anger gets the best of us all now and again.

I can get angry in a heartbeat and then quickly forget about it, never seeing the damage my outburst has caused to the people I love.

Have you ever found yourself so angry and enraged you loose all sense of reason.  Do you struggle with anger management?

Have you ever said something or done something that hurt someone deeply?  This is destructive anger and leads to problems at work, at home and with friends.  Looking back, you know these things happen in an out of control moment.  You wish you could erase these moments or change your action but that’s impossible.

How can you create change in your life?  How can you create a different response, a calm thoughtful response to people and things that drive you crazy?  Anger management can help by changing your thoughts and behavior is the first step.  Easy to say you think, but in the heat of the moment, it’s very difficult!  I understand.

As a counselor we will talk about the anger and what seems to trigger it.  Together we will make a plan of action for those times when you feel “it’s happening,” and your anger is rising like a 10 foot wave.  In those moments when that wave is rising in you, and you say, “I’m going to lose it!”

I will show you how using mind body relaxation techniques, better communication and problem solving techniques can help.  You will find an alternative behavior response to that uncontrolled rage within.

Once you understand why these outbursts happen, you will be able to express yourself in a non-aggressive, healthy way, creating a more peaceful life for you and those whom you love..

Are you ready to deal with your uncontrolled anger once and for all?

Call today to make an appointment.  Together we will slay the anger giant.

What is Counseling?

What is counseling?What is counseling?

Nearly all of us experience occasional things in our lives that can interfere with daily living, things like marriage or couples issues, loss of a job or job problems, illness, alcoholism, addiction, or death of a loved one that create  stress, anxiety, depression and thinking in circles with no resolutions,  the things that keep you awake at night.

Counseling helps deal with problems like these and others through talk therapy,  which is no more than talking to a trusted trained counselor, using mind-body therapy to teach techniques to handle these stressful anxious times in the moment they occur.

Television is full of ads for sleep aids, diet aids, things to buy, and pills for every possible thing we can imagine.  All of these things are temporary band-aids to mask the real issues and problems we are experiencing.  When all of these temporary things wear off the same old problems remain, leaving us feeling angry, depressed, lonely, and confused.

Counseling is a way to deal effectively once and for all with the issues in our life to regain self-esteem and confidence in ourselves.

We can help!

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