What is Counseling?

What is counseling?What is counseling?

Nearly all of us experience occasional things in our lives that can interfere with daily living, things like marriage or couples issues, loss of a job or job problems, illness, alcoholism, addiction, or death of a loved one that create  stress, anxiety, depression and thinking in circles with no resolutions,  the things that keep you awake at night.

Counseling helps deal with problems like these and others through talk therapy,  which is no more than talking to a trusted trained counselor, using mind-body therapy to teach techniques to handle these stressful anxious times in the moment they occur.

Television is full of ads for sleep aids, diet aids, things to buy, and pills for every possible thing we can imagine.  All of these things are temporary band-aids to mask the real issues and problems we are experiencing.  When all of these temporary things wear off the same old problems remain, leaving us feeling angry, depressed, lonely, and confused.

Counseling is a way to deal effectively once and for all with the issues in our life to regain self-esteem and confidence in ourselves.

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